The Jewish Charity Challenge

This FREE concept has raised well over $2 billion for 2 charities alone since 1993. It is efficient and there is really nothing to do but INVITE!

Please send it to the Jewish charities that you support, and ask them if they can think of a good reason why they should not employ a concept (this one) that costs $0 and takes really no time!

While the illustration is for Canada it can be used everywhere. For additional information (charities) please email:

We invite you to run, cycle x-c ski in any mass participation event (not staged by a charity, for that charity) anywhere on earth, and raise funds for your favourite Jewish charity, just as if the events were staged by/for them.

Triathletes and others are of course welcome to raise $$ in any triathlon. rollerblading, or other type of event.

Climb a mountain, cycle across Canada (or to Kingston, ON and back, with friends) or canoe a river and raise $$

It is simple.

Create your own  Giving Page and designate your favourite charity as the recipient of your sponsors’ donations. (If your charity is not listed, please tell them to join. Canada Helps is a charity that facilitates online donations.)

Spread your giving page far and wide to your friends, business associates, anyone, and ask them to support your efforts by donating to your favourite cause. Follow up with them personally as that will bring much better results.

Examples of the “15,000” North American Events that one may participate in and raise $$$!

Velo Quebec Cycling Events

Tour de l’Ile de Montreal

Tour la nuit

Défi métropolitain

Le Grand Tour Desjardins:

Running Events


Esprit Triathlon (Montreal)

Spartan Race Montreal

“Please don’t just do it!  Do it for a cause!”

Thank you and please encourage your friends to join you in raising funds!

To reach the Jewish Charity Challenge:

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